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German Sports Channels for SimpleTV

date:2012-05-03 | author: livetvstream
#EXTINF:0, Sport 1
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#EXTINF:0, Eurosport$CUT$
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The 2010 EastsideChildren's Summer Programwas a huge success thanks toparticipants, funders, commu-nity members, collaborativepartners, staff, and volun-teers. It's for freedom! Where's our freedom now? What would all those soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of their fellow citizens feel about the treatment of them? How would they feel if they knew that their brothers and sisters were crying out for change, for help, and the government, ignoring the point of it all, used their cries to increase the bipartisanship, to point fingers and lay blame on the other party? I'm sure they'd be ashamed of what the country the died for has become.