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One HD Music For Simple TV player Part 4

date:2012-03-15 | author: livetvstream
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Filter - No Love
rtmp:// - No Love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Filter - The Inevitable Relapse
rtmp:// - The Inevitable Relapse.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Flo Rida - Club Cant Handle Me ft  David Guetta
rtmp:// Rida - Club Cant Handle Me ft. David Guetta.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Flo Rida - Sugar
rtmp:// Rida - Sugar.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Flo Rida Feat Kesha - Right Round
rtmp:// Rida Feat Kesha - Right Round.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Flo Rida - Zoosk Girl
rtmp:// Rida-Zoosk Girl.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:FloRida feat Akon - Available
rtmp:// feat Akon - Available.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Fly Project - Unisex
rtmp:// Project - Unisex.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Fort Minor - Believe Me
rtmp:// Minor - Believe Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Fragma - Forever and a Day
rtmp:// - Forever and a Day.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Freemasons ft Wynter Gordon - Believer
rtmp:// ft Wynter Gordon - Believer.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Get Far feat  H - Boogie - The Radio
rtmp:// Far feat. H-Boogie - The Radio.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Girls Aloud - The Promise
rtmp:// Aloud - The Promise.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Girls Aloud - Untouchable
rtmp:// Aloud - Untouchable.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Gramophonedzie - Why Don t You
rtmp:// - Why Don t You.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Green Day - Last of the American Girls
rtmp:// Day - Last of the American Girls.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Greg Parys - why dont we just fuck
rtmp:// Parys - why dont we just fuck.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Greg Parys - One Man One Night
rtmp:// Parys-One Man One Night.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Guess Who - Manifest
rtmp:// Who - Manifest.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Guess Whoo Spike - Tu
rtmp:// Whoo Spike - Tu.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Gwen Stefani - It s My Life
rtmp:// Stefani - It s My Life.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For
rtmp:// Stefani - What You Waiting For.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Gyulia - Amor Bonito
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:HelenaMaria - Live My Life For Me
rtmp:// - Live My Life For Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Hilary Duff - Reach Out
rtmp:// Duff - Reach Out.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Hot Chip - One Life Stand
rtmp:// Chip - One Life Stand.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:IN - GRID - Vive Le Swing
rtmp:// - Vive Le Swing.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:INNA - Amazing
rtmp:// - Amazing.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:INNA - Hot
rtmp:// - Hot.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Ian Carey ft  Mandy Ventrice - Let Loose
rtmp:// Carey ft. Mandy Ventrice - Let Loose.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Inna - Sun Is Up
rtmp:// - Sun Is Up.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Inna ft  Bob Taylor - Deja Vu
rtmp:// ft. Bob Taylor - Deja Vu.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Inna - 10 Minutes
rtmp:// Minutes.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:ItaloBrothers - Love is on fire
rtmp:// - Love is on fire.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Iyaz - Replay
rtmp:// AMELIN - Oh Oh.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:JES - Lovesong
rtmp:// - Lovesong.mp4
rtmp:// DUB - MONDAY.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say
rtmp:// Derulo - Whatcha Say.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jasper Forks - Alone
rtmp:// Forks - Alone.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jay Sean - Tonight
rtmp:// Sean - Tonight.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jay Sean  - Ride It
rtmp:// Sean -Ride It.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jay - Z feat  Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
rtmp:// feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jennifer Lopez - I am Into You
rtmp:// Lopez - I am Into You.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jeremih - Down On Me
rtmp:// - Down On Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:JerryCo feat  Tataee and Simona Nae - Stai
rtmp:// feat. Tataee and Simona Nae - Stai.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:JoJo - Too Little Too Late
rtmp:// - Too Little Too Late.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Jochen Miller - Classified
rtmp:// Miller - Classified.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:John Puzzle - Hear The Colours
rtmp:// Puzzle-Hear The Colours.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Junior Caldera - Cant fight this feeling feat Sophie Ellis Bextor
rtmp:// Caldera - Cant fight this feeling feat Sophie Ellis Bextor.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Justin Bieber - Love Me
rtmp:// Bieber - Love Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Justin Bieber - Somebody To Love Remix ft  Usher
rtmp:// Bieber - Somebody To Love Remix ft. Usher.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Justin Bieber - Never Say Never
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kaci Battaglia feat  Ludacris - Body Shots
rtmp:// Battaglia feat. Ludacris - Body Shots.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft  Rihanna and Kid Cudi
rtmp:// West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna and Kid Cudi.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kaskade - Angel On My Shoulder
rtmp:// - Angel On My Shoulder.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kaskade ft  Haley - Dynasty
rtmp:// ft. Haley - Dynasty.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kat Deluna Ft Akon Push Push
rtmp:// Deluna Ft Akon Push Push.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Katy B - Katy On A Mission
rtmp:// B - Katy On A Mission.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Katy B - Lights On feat  Ms  Dynamite
rtmp:// B - Lights On feat. Ms. Dynamite.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Katy B - Louder
rtmp:// B - Louder.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Katy Perry - ET
rtmp:// Perry - ET.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Katy Perry - Firework
rtmp:// Perry - Firework.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
rtmp:// Perry - Teenage Dream.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kelis - Acapella
rtmp:// - Acapella.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kelis - Trick Me
rtmp:// - Trick Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kelly Rowland - Rose Colored Glasses
rtmp:// Rowland - Rose Colored Glasses.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kelly Rowland feat  David Guetta - Commander
rtmp:// Rowland feat. David Guetta - Commander.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock
rtmp:// Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kesha - TiK ToK
rtmp:// - TiK ToK.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kesha - We R Who We R
rtmp:// - We R Who We R.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kimbra - Settle Down
rtmp:// - Settle Down.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:KitSch 2 0 Feat  Craig Smart and Theory - Sugar In My Feet
rtmp:// 2.0 Feat. Craig Smart and Theory - Sugar In My Feet.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kris Menace Feat  Emil Walking On The Moon
rtmp:// Menace Feat. Emil Walking On The Moon.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers
rtmp:// Minogue - All The Lovers.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World
rtmp:// Minogue - Come Into My World.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - In My Arms
rtmp:// Minogue - In My Arms.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight
rtmp:// Minogue - Love At First Sight.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - The One
rtmp:// Minogue - The One.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue I Belive In You
rtmp:// Minogue I Belive In You.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - Chocolate
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - Please Stay
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Kylie Minogue - Red Blooded Woman
rtmp:// ME - JUST LOVE ME.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lady Gaga - Born This Way
rtmp:// Gaga - Born This Way.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lady Gaga - Judas
rtmp:// Gaga - Judas.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lady Gaga - Telephone ft  Beyonce
rtmp:// Gaga - Telephone ft. Beyonce.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory
rtmp:// Gaga - The Edge Of Glory.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lady Gaga Alejandro
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lily Allen - Fuck You
rtmp:// Allen - Fuck You.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Linkin Park - New Divide
rtmp:// Park - New Divide.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Linkin Park - The Catalyst
rtmp:// Park - The Catalyst.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Little Boots - Remedy
rtmp:// Boots - Remedy.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Little Comets - Joanna
rtmp:// Comets - Joanna.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Livin R and Pink Noisy feat  Nekk - To the Moon and Back
rtmp:// R and Pink Noisy feat. Nekk - To the Moon and Back.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Lora - No More Tears
rtmp:// - No More Tears.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Love Comes Again - DJ Tiesto ft  BT
rtmp:// Comes Again - DJ Tiesto ft. BT.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:LuKone feat deMoga - Allemasse
rtmp:// feat deMoga - Allemasse.mp4
rtmp:// IN LA.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:MUSE - Supermassive Black Hole
rtmp:// - Supermassive Black Hole.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:MYLO - Drop The Pressure
rtmp:// - Drop The Pressure.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madcon feat  Ameerah - Freaky Like Me
rtmp:// feat. Ameerah - Freaky Like Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - 4 Minutes
rtmp:// - 4 Minutes.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - American Life
rtmp:// - American Life.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - Die Another Day
rtmp:// - Die Another Day.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - Don t Tell Me
rtmp:// - Don t Tell Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - Get Together
rtmp:// - Get Together.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - Sorry
rtmp:// - Sorry.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Madonna - celebration
rtmp:// - celebration.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Magnetic Man - I Need Air
rtmp:// Man - I Need Air.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Making Of Sunrise Inc Vs Starchild - Lick Shot
rtmp:// Of Sunrise Inc Vs Starchild - Lick Shot.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Martin Solveig Feat Chakib Chambi - One 2 3 Four
rtmp:// Solveig Feat Chakib Chambi - One 2 3 Four.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Martin Solveig and Dragonette - Hello
rtmp:// Solveig and Dragonette - Hello.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Master Blaster - Come Clean
rtmp:// Blaster - Come Clean.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mattyas - Missing you
rtmp:// - Missing you.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mattyas feat Kristina - Secret love
rtmp:// feat Kristina - Secret love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:McFly - That s The Truth
rtmp:// - That s The Truth.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:MdCL presents Sy Smith - Truth
rtmp:// presents Sy Smith - Truth.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Medina - Addiction
rtmp:// - Addiction.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Medina - You And I
rtmp:// - You And I.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Melissa Molinaro - Dance Floor
rtmp:// Molinaro - Dance Floor.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Michael Jackson Duet with Akon - Hold My Hand
rtmp:// Jackson Duet with Akon - Hold My Hand.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight
rtmp:// Jackson-Hollywood Tonight.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Michael Mind - Gotta Let You Go
rtmp:// Mind - Gotta Let You Go.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Michael Mind Project feat Mandy Ventrice  - Delirious
rtmp:// Mind Project feat Mandy Ventrice -Delirious.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mike Candys - Together Again
rtmp:// Candys - Together Again.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mike Candys and Jack Holiday - Insomnia
rtmp:// Candys and Jack Holiday - Insomnia.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me
rtmp:// Posner - Cooler Than Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Miley Cyrus - Party In The U S A
rtmp:// Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A..mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Miley Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart
rtmp:// Cyrus - Who Owns My Heart.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Milk Inc - live TMF Music Awards Belgium
rtmp:// Inc - live TMF Music Awards Belgium.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Milk and Sugar vs Vaya Con Dios - Hey Nah Neh Nah
rtmp:// and Sugar vs Vaya Con Dios - Hey Nah Neh Nah.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Milkshake - Kelis
rtmp:// - Kelis.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mishal Moore - It Aint Over
rtmp:// Moore - It Aint Over.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Miss Kittin and The Hacker - 1000 dreams
rtmp:// Kittin and The Hacker-1000 dreams.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Moby - Mistake
rtmp:// - Mistake.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Moby - Porcelain
rtmp:// - Porcelain.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Morandi - Midnight Train
rtmp:// - Midnight Train.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Morandi - Rock The World
rtmp:// - Rock The World.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Morris feat  Sonny Flame - Havana Lover
rtmp:// feat. Sonny Flame - Havana Lover.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mossano - Zingarinho
rtmp:// - Zingarinho.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mossano - Indianotech
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mr Sam Andy Duguid ft  Amanda Wilson - Satisfaction Guaranteed
rtmp:// Sam Andy Duguid ft. Amanda Wilson - Satisfaction Guaranteed.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:My Favourite Time of Year - The Florin Street Band
rtmp:// Favourite Time of Year - The Florin Street Band.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mystic - Colors Of Life
rtmp:// - Colors Of Life.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Mystic - Continuum
rtmp:// - Continuum.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:N - Dubz - Girls
rtmp:// - Girls.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:NICKO - Last Summer - Nikos Ganos
rtmp:// - Last Summer - Nikos Ganos.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nadia Ali - Rapture
rtmp:// Ali - Rapture.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Narcotic Sound ft Christian D and Matteo
rtmp:// Sound ft Christian D and Matteo.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Natalia Kills - Mirrors
rtmp:// Kills - Mirrors.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Ne - Yo - Beautiful Monster
rtmp:// - Beautiful Monster.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Ne - Yo - One In A Million
rtmp:// - One In A Million.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nelly - Hot In Here
rtmp:// - Hot In Here.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nelly Furtado - All Good Things
rtmp:// Furtado - All Good Things.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nelly Furtado - Bajo Otra Luz ft  La Mala Rodriguez
rtmp:// Furtado - Bajo Otra Luz ft. La Mala Rodriguez.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young
rtmp:// Furtado - Night Is Young.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nelson with Edyta Herbus - She is Gone
rtmp:// with Edyta Herbus - She is Gone.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nick Kamarera and Mike Diamondz - Kalya
rtmp:// Kamarera and Mike Diamondz - Kalya.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nick Kamarera ft Phelipe Reason For Love
rtmp:// Kamarera ft Phelipe Reason For Love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nicki Minaj - Check It Out
rtmp:// Minaj - Check It Out.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nicole Scherzinger - Don t Hold Your Breath
rtmp:// Scherzinger - Don t Hold Your Breath.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nicole Scherzinger - Poison
rtmp:// Scherzinger - Poison.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Nicole Scherzinger - Right There
rtmp:// Scherzinger - Right There.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:No Doubt - Don t Speak
rtmp:// Doubt - Don t Speak.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:No Doubt - Ex - Girlfriend
rtmp:// Doubt - Ex-Girlfriend.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:No Doubt - New
rtmp:// Doubt - New.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Outlandish - Let Off Some Steam
rtmp:// - Let Off Some Steam.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Owl City - Fireflies
rtmp:// City - Fireflies.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:PEDRO CAZANOVA invites ANDREA - Selfish Love
rtmp:// CAZANOVA invites ANDREA - Selfish Love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:ParkPlace web 720p
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Paul van Dyk LiveTAO Club  Las Vegas
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Pink - Fkin Perfect
rtmp:// - Fkin Perfect.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Pink - Sober
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Pitbull - Give Me Everything
rtmp:// - Give Me Everything.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Play and Win - Only
rtmp:// and Win - Only.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Play and Win - Ya BB
rtmp:// and Win - Ya BB.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Playing With Fire video
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Preguntas Hermosas
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Prodigy - Baby got a Temper
rtmp:// - Baby got a Temper.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Prodigy - Worlds On Fire
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Professor Green - jungle
rtmp:// Green - jungle.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Professor Green feat  Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green
rtmp:// Green feat. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Puretone - Addicted To Bass
rtmp:// - Addicted To Bass.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Pussycat Dolls ft AR Rahman - Jai Ho
rtmp:// Dolls ft AR Rahman - Jai Ho.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Puya - Americandrim (feat  Connect - R)
rtmp:// - Americandrim (feat. Connect-R).mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Puya - Americandrim
rtmp:// - Americandrim.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Puya feat  Kamelia - V I P
rtmp:// feat. Kamelia - V.I.P..mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Puya ft Kamelia - VIP
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Qlimax 2009
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:R I O  - After The Love
rtmp:// - After The Love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:R I O  - Like I Love You
rtmp:// - Like I Love You.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:R I O  - Like i Love You
rtmp:// - Like i Love You.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:ROA - Ne place
rtmp:// - Ne place.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Radio Killer - Be Free
rtmp:// Killer - Be Free.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Radio Killer - Lonely Heart
rtmp:// Killer - Lonely Heart.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Radio Killer - Lonely heart
rtmp:// Killer - Lonely heart.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Raf Marchesini - Farao
rtmp:// Marchesini - Farao.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It
rtmp:// 2 Real - I Like To Move It.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Residence Deejays and Frissco - Lovely Smile
rtmp:// Deejays and Frissco - Lovely Smile.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Richard Gray - Tainted Love
rtmp:// Gray - Tainted Love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Rido - Detonate (ft  Karin)
rtmp:// - Detonate (ft. Karin).mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Rihanna - California King Bed
rtmp:// - California King Bed.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Rihanna - Man Down
rtmp:// - Man Down.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Rihanna - Rude Boy
rtmp:// - Rude Boy.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Rihanna - Only Girl
rtmp:// Girl.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Rihanna - Russian Roulette
rtmp:// Roulette.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Riva Starr Feat  Noze - I Was Drunk
rtmp:// Starr Feat. Noze - I Was Drunk.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Robbie Williams - Rock DJ
rtmp:// Williams - Rock DJ.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Robyn - Dancing On My Own
rtmp:// - Dancing On My Own.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Robyn - Hang With Me
rtmp:// - Hang With Me.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Royksopp - What Else Is There
rtmp:// - What Else Is There.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Ryan and Radu - Rush love
rtmp:// and Radu - Rush love.mp4
rtmp:// LOPEZ - ALL MY PEOPLE.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sak Noel - Loca People
rtmp:// Noel - Loca People.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sander Van Doorn - Love is darkness
rtmp:// Van Doorn - Love is darkness.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sander van Doorn feat  Carol Lee Love Is Darkness
rtmp:// van Doorn feat. Carol Lee Love Is Darkness.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sandy Rivera and Rae - Hide U
rtmp:// Rivera and Rae - Hide U.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sara Sofia - Ohe Oha Vas a Sonar
rtmp:// Sofia - Ohe Oha Vas a Sonar.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sash - Megamix 2008
rtmp:// - Megamix 2008 .mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sasha Lopez Broono feat Andreea D - All My People
rtmp:// Lopez Broono feat Andreea D-All My People.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sasha Lopez feat  Anda Adam - Madam
rtmp:// Lopez feat. Anda Adam - Madam.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Scooter Live in Hamburg
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Seal - Kiss From A Rose
rtmp:// - Kiss From A Rose.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sean Paul - Press It Up
rtmp:// Paul-Press_It_Up.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Secret - The Pierces
rtmp:// - The Pierces.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Selena Gomez and The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song
rtmp:// Gomez and The Scene - Love You Like A Love Song.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sensation Wicked Wonderland 2009
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:September - Cant Get Over
rtmp:// - Cant Get Over.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shaggy Ft Akon - What s Love
rtmp:// Ft Akon - What s Love.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - Gypsy
rtmp:// - Gypsy.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - Loca ft  Dizzee Rascal
rtmp:// - Loca ft. Dizzee Rascal.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - Rabiosa
rtmp:// - Rabiosa.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - Sale El Sol
rtmp:// - Sale El Sol.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - The One
rtmp:// - The One.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - Waka Waka
rtmp:// - Waka Waka.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira Pure Intuition
rtmp:// Pure Intuition.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Shakira - Gypsy
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sharam feat Daniel Bedingfield - The One
rtmp:// feat Daniel Bedingfield - The One.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sidney Samson feat  Wizard Sleeve - Riverside
rtmp:// Samson feat. Wizard Sleeve - Riverside.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Simplu - Dancer for money
rtmp:// - Dancer for money.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Smiley - Love is for free feat  Pacha Man
rtmp:// - Love is for free feat. Pacha Man.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Smiley ft Cheloo - Plec Pe Marte
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sol Noir - Superstring
rtmp:// Noir - Superstring.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Soul Central Feat  Kathy Brown - Strings Of Life
rtmp:// Central Feat. Kathy Brown - Strings Of Life .mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sound of Tiesto
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Stefan Gruenwald vs Jerry Ropero - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
rtmp:// Gruenwald vs Jerry Ropero - Let Me Be Your Fantasy.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Stereo Palma - Lick It
rtmp:// Palma-Lick It.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Stereophonics - Could You Be The One
rtmp:// - Could You Be The One.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Stereophonics - Innocent
rtmp:// - Innocent.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke - Turbulence
rtmp:// Aoki and Laidback Luke - Turbulence.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Steve Murano - Passion
rtmp:// Murano - Passion.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Stromae - Alors On Danse
rtmp:// - Alors On Danse.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sugababes - About a Girl
rtmp:// - About a Girl.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Sunrise Inc vs  Starchild - Lick Shot
rtmp:// Inc vs. Starchild - Lick Shot.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza
rtmp:// House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah - Miami 2 Ibiza.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:T I  - Got Your Back ft  Keri Hilson
rtmp:// - Got Your Back ft. Keri Hilson.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tasha feat Andre Rizo - I am Free
rtmp:// feat Andre Rizo - I am Free.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tay Dizm feat  Akon - Dream Girl
rtmp:// Dizm feat. Akon - Dream Girl.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Cliks - Dirty King
rtmp:// Cliks - Dirty King.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Coolbreezers - It s Electro
rtmp:// Coolbreezers - It s Electro.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Crazy Frogs - The Ding Dong Song
rtmp:// Crazy Frogs - The Ding Dong Song.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Hundred In The Hands - Commotion
rtmp:// Hundred In The Hands - Commotion.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Pierces - Love You More
rtmp:// Pierces - Love You More.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
rtmp:// Prodigy - Invaders Must Die.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Pussycat Dolls - Beep
rtmp:// Pussycat Dolls - Beep.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
rtmp:// Pussycat Dolls - Buttons.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Pussycat Dolls - Sway
rtmp:// Pussycat Dolls - Sway.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:The Prodigy Worlds on Fire
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tiesto Live The Bridge
rtmp:// Live The Bridge.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tiesto and Hardwell - Zero 76
rtmp:// and Hardwell - Zero 76.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tiesto feat Maxi Jazz - Dance4Life
rtmp:// feat Maxi Jazz - Dance4Life.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tiesto feat  Tegan and Sara - Feel It In My Bones
rtmp:// feat. Tegan and Sara - Feel It In My Bones.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tiesto Copenhagen - Elements of Life
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tiesto ft Nely Furtado - Who Wnts To Be Alone
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tim Berg - Bromance
rtmp:// Berg - Bromance.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tim Berg - Seek Bromance
rtmp:// Berg - Seek Bromance.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Timbaland - Apologize
rtmp:// - Apologize.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Timbaland - Morning After Dark ft  Nelly Furtado and Soshy
rtmp:// - Morning After Dark ft. Nelly Furtado and Soshy.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
rtmp:// Tempah - Pass Out.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tinie Tempah feat  Eric Turner - Written In The Stars
rtmp:// Tempah feat. Eric Turner - Written In The Stars.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Together feat  Trigga and Sushy  -  -  Hardcore Uproar
rtmp:// feat. Trigga and Sushy -- Hardcore Uproar.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tom Boxer feat  Antonia - Morena
rtmp:// Boxer feat. Antonia - Morena.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tom Boxer feat  Mike Diamondz - Dancing
rtmp:// Boxer feat. Mike Diamondz - Dancing.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tom Novy - Your Body
rtmp:// Novy - Your Body.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tom Novy feat  Lima - Now or Never
rtmp:// Novy feat. Lima - Now or Never.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tom Pulse - Taka Taka
rtmp:// Pulse - Taka Taka.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Tomcraft - Loneliness
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Toni Tone feat Lexi - Forever Alive
rtmp:// Tone feat Lexi - Forever Alive.mp4
#EXTINF:-1,Dance:Travie mc coy - bilionaire
rtmp:// mc coy - bilionaire.mp4



Is there something like this for samsung series 6?


You can use serviio soft. It works on every Smart Tv wth DLNA features


I have futubox working, does anyone have any decent quality streems that are compatible?